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About Chitrakoot & Us

The Chitrakoot Project Charity April 2007-04-19

Chitrakoot is a small town of about 35,000 people situated on the Mandakini river,a tributary of the Ganges and lies approximately 500 miles South East of Delhi. It is on the border between Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, two of the poorest and most deprived areas of rural India. It is reached from Delhi by air to Khajuraho and then by a four hour road journey, or by a train journey of 14 hours. An air strip is currently being built which will greatly help access.

Chitrakoot in the map of India..

Chitrakoot is best known as a major historic religious centre of the Hindu faith and as a centre for pilot studies in self reliance based on the Deendayal Research Institute in the town. There are 500 surrounding villages with a total population of over a million, all struggling with extreme poverty and an almost total absence of health care. The Chitrakoot Project Charity aims to address a major aspect of the health problems and understands that an unhealthy individual is unable to be productive and self reliant.

Chitrakoot is best known as a major historic religious centre of the Hindu faith

Health Provision by the Chitrakoot Project Charity.

The charity started in 1998 with the simple aim of bringing basic oral surgery and dental care and health education to the children and families of Chitrakoot using volunteer staff from the UK.

Dental & Oral Surgery Department in Chitrakoot.

At first sight this could seem an unrealistic aim but we do have a number of advantages which have proved to be fundamental to our increasing success. Our UK volunteer staff are a mixture of surgeons, nurses and other helpers and they are self funding so that any money we raise goes into front line services.

Dental & Oral Surgery Out Patient Clinic in Chitrakoot.

Volunteers include University Professors, NHS Consultants, Harley Street Practitioners and Royal College of Surgeons Tutors. This is a unique coming together of talent, all united by the common ideal of bringing the best of Western Care, in a sensitive manner, which respects local custom and need.

Oral Surgery and Dental Surgery at Chitrakoot

Some of the distinguished team are UK domiciled Indians and speak fluent Hindi and have a deep understanding of the cultural and religious sensitivities of the area. This is absolutely essential to working in rural India. It has also allowed networking to take place and we have important administrative and political connections within the area.

Dental & Oral Surgery Mobile Unit at Chitrakoot.

As you work through the pages of this site we hope you will be inspired to play a part in this most worthwhile of causes. There are many ways to help and the personal satisfaction that results from helping is very great.

Treatment Carried out for the needy at the mobile Oral Surgery and Dental Unit at Chitrakoot.

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